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I would firstly like to welcome you to our website and thank you for affording us the opportunity to introduce ourselves to you.

We specialise in delivering Industrial/Building/Office supplies and offer taylor-made "Procurement solution" packages to suit your business requirements.

Our company's name Pri Regno, basically translates to "Kingdom First". The word "Regno" in latin means "Kingdom" and Pri meaning primary or first.
We at Pri Regno have committed to putting the Kingdom of God first in everything that we do, which includes our business ventures.

This is good news for those who choose to make use of our services or those who choose to use us as one of their suppliers, as you will be working with a team who are committed to efficiency, honesty and integrity.

We look forward to being of service and supplying what you need to make your business a little easier.

Michael & Michele Brill

Our Services

Our main goal is too provide superior quality in the following services.

Procurement Solutions

Procurement Solutions

As your business grows you may find that a lot more of your time is going to purchasing everyday supplies and not enough time is given to obtaining the best prices. You may also find a lot of your time is being spent on trying to apply for credit or opening new accounts with suppliers.

Our procurement package is taylor-made to suit your business. Whether you simply need supplies delivered to your premises or whether you need assistance in searching for the best prices to setting up an efficient procurement department within your business. 

Industrial Supplies

Industrial Supplies

Whether it be nuts & bolts, engineering supplies,bearings or tools we'll deliver it directly to you at the best possible price.

Office SUpplies

Office Supplies

Whether it be stationery, toiletries to cleaning supplies, if you need it we'll offer you the best possible price to deliver it right to your doorstep.

Our Team

We are are at your service, feel free contact any of our team directly

Micheal Brill

Micheal Brill


Michelle Brill

Michele Brill


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Phone: +27 84 256 8015